California Fire Department Equips Oxygen Masks for Pets

I stumbled across this article today, and thought it was pretty amazing!

Ventura County Fire gets oxygen masks for pets.

I know that being a pet owner, I have done what I can to ensure my pets will be safe in the event of a housefire. I have posted the signs for the fire dept (This household is home to 1 dog.), I have planned in my mind how to get her out if it happens while I am home, but I have also resigned myself to the fact that my planning may not necessarily mean that my pets are out early enough that smoke inhalation or other factors will not be a problem. This is why I believe that what Ventura County Fire Department is so brilliant!

Relying on “blow by” methods from human oxygen masks is not an efficient means of getting a pet who has suffered from oxygen deprivation an adequate amount of oxygen. Supplying masks shaped to fit the muzzles of dogs and cats, like what we use here at MAC, is much more effective. I am aware that not all fire departments have the funding to do something like this, but what a great model to follow if the county has the means. I’m certain that any pet owner has worries and concerns about keeping their furry family member safe, same as I do. There are now pet owners in Camarillo, CA who can rest a little easier, knowing their pets will be taken care of. Bravo, Ventura County! Bravo!